Books & Articles

Dr.Vee had authored books in English & Tamil, and several papers/articles that have been published / presented at national and international journals and conferences.

BOOKs published

  1. Ancient Music Treasures – Exploration for New Music’ 
    Published 2006
  2. ‘தமிழ் இசையியல் புதிய கண்டுபிடிப்புகள்’ (New discoveries in Tamil Musicology)
    Published 2009
  3. ‘Ancient Music Treasures – Exploring for New Music Composing
    Published 2019

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    Published 2019

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BOOK’s to be published

  1. ‘Musical Linguistics in Ancient Tamil Texts – A New Gateway to Marketable NLP Applications’
  2. ‘From Sound to Western Music Scale & Carnatic Ragas’
  3. ‘Tamil Musicology in Thirukural’ project funded by MHRD of Government of India.

List of Research Publication:  

Multimedia Tools and Applications – An International Journal (SCI), 2020Deciphering the frozen music in building architecture and vice-versa process
The journal from the International Institute of Tamil Studies, Taramani, Chennai- 2013Musical Phonetics in tholkAppiam
The Journal of Sanskrit Academy- Vol XX-2010Tholkappiam  and the use of Sanskrit words in Tamil
Sangeet Natak (Vol XLII, Number 3,2008Musical Threads – A New Musicological Concept discovered from the Ancient Tamil Music
International Conference on Classical Literature, Alagappa University, Karaikkudi March 26 & 27, 2008Literature and Music in Classical Tamil: The Pitfalls facing the foreign scholars in their study of Classical Tamil
International Conference on Arts & Humanities, HawaII, USA, Jan, 2007Musical Threads – A New Discovery in Ancient Indian Music
International Conference on Arts & Humanities, HawaII, USA, Jan, 2006Percussion Grammar in Ancient Indian Music
www.musicresearch.inComputer Music – FAQ
www.musicresearch.inLimitations to the Digital Treatment of Acoustic Music
Research circle publications 1999.The origin and development of Symphony
Raga Research Seminar 1996 (Tamil Isai Sangam, Chennai)The Pitch Standard in Tamil Music
Research circle publications 1998.Physics of Music
Research circle publication 1997.Phrase and Music – (The Music grammar of matching Music to Lyrics)
Raga Research Seminar 1998.The Science of Music
‘The Hindu – Science And Technology”
-DT: 25 – 11- 99
 A clarification to ‘Biology of the octave,
or mathematics of?’
Vigna Sudar [Science Journal}Kirlian Glow
Science Research News Vol:1 No:1 Oct 1978Biological Oscillators & Life Waves